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Scotland's Greatest Story is Scotland's foremost genealogical research

service, able to help with a variety of family history needs. We can

research your basic ancestry for you, overcome those problematic brick

walls with many resources not available online, suggest new sources

and techniques that may be of use (private archives, DNA

profiling etc), and much, much more.





Led by professional genealogist Chris Paton BA (Hons), HND, PGD Genealogical Studies, here are just some of the ways in which Scotland's Greatest Story can help to bring your ancestral story back to life:



Basic family tree research - using many private records not available online



Overcoming brick walls - including church records not available online (RC

and non-established churches); using DNA in genealogy, etc



Site visits to photograph ancestral homes and relevant gravestones



Heraldry - visits to the Lord Lyons Court of Arms to identify coats of arms and

heraldic devices used by your ancestors



Contextual research - tracing articles and publications written by or about  your

ancestors, providing an understanding of the times in which they lived, etc.



Surname research - explaining the origins of your name



Relatives tracing - searching for historic descendants in Scotland or current

relatives within Scotland and the rest of the UK



Family tree chart printing



...and much more.





Recent Investigations


In the last year alone, our service has been responsible for making some extraordinary discoveries on behalf of many of our clients, including the following:



An American based client was shocked to discover that two of her cousins had been

brutally murdered in 1911 by their father, for which he was subsequently hanged.

A full account of this investigation was published in the Scotsman newspaper in June

2007, with shocking consequences involving one of Edinburgh's most influential 

institutions, which resonate to this day (The article can be read online at Stolen Lives).





A Stirlingshire based client was delighted when we were able to confirm a long

held family tale that her husband was related to the famous 18th century Scottish

poet James Hogg, also known as the Ettrick Shepherd.





During research for BBC Radio Scotland's "Digging Up Your Roots" series, we made

an emotional discovery for one of the programme's contributors, when he learned

of the existence of an aunt that he had never heard of. The Poor Law records for

Glasgow showed that she had spent her whole life institutionalised, and had sadly

passed away in the 1940s.





 An Egyptian based client was found to be found to have roots in the 15th Century

pre-Reformation abbey of Cupar Angus, with ancestors from both the

distinguished Playfair and Rogers families.





A Nova Scotian based client discovered how certain antenuptial activities in early

19th Century Ayrshire helped contribute to his ancestor's emigration to Canada.





An English based client had a mystery solved when we were able to prove that her grandfather was not her real grandfather, but in fact the brother of the

supposed ancestor in question. We were able to build up a picture of the circumstances that

led to the informal adoption, which included the story of her grandfather's death in

the First World War and her real grandmother's disability, forcing her son to be

adopted by the extended family.





Another American based client discovered the story of how one of his earliest ancestors was in fact a Jacobite prisoner from the Hebridean island of Eigg, transported after the 1745 rebellion to the new world as an indentured servant.




Whatever your requirements, Scotland's Greatest Story can 

uncover and preserve the unique stories of your Scottish

ancestors for the generations to come



scotland ancestry family tree genealogy
scotland ancestry family tree genealogy
scotland ancestry family tree genealogy

Scotland's Greatest Story is pleased to recommend Emerald Ancestors for Ulster based family history research. For more information, please visit our links page.

am baile

Discover more about the heritage and culture of the Scottish Highlands and Islands by browsing Am Baile's extensive collections donated by national and local museums, archives, libraries, community groups and individuals - click on the above link (agus sa' Ghaidhlig anseo - Am Baile).


Greatest Story

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scotland ancestry family tree genealogy


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